Know More on Tips to Sleep Better


Do you know? Today (15 March) is “World Sleep Day”, an annual event organized by the World Sleep Society since 2008, to draw society’s attention to healthy sleep. This year’s theme is “Healthy Sleep, Healthy Aging (健康睡眠,樂活抗老) .”


Hong Kong is a fast paced city where people have limited time to take rest. Sometimes people even bring their daily stress to the bed, and thus overlooking the importance of sleep. Do you remember how long did you sleep last night? Can you sleep through the night? You may have a look on the following 5 tips for you to sleep better.


1.  Have a 5-min breathing exercises before bed to relax your mind and fall asleep.

2.  Write down a to-do list for tomorrow to off-load stress and help you sleep better.

3.  Switch off your computer and phone, put aside the stressors and enjoy the relaxing moment.

4.  Keep your bedroom ventilated, quiet and dark to help you sleep through the night.

5.  Tidy up your bedroom, create a spacious and comfortable environment, and enjoy your sleep.


Environment is a key factor affecting healthy sleep. If there are too much items in bedroom, you may put some of them into mini storage, so as to enable the bedroom tidier, and improve the sleep quality!