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  • Security
  • 24hrs Surveillance
  • Access control
  • Fire Control
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Hongkong Storage own a truck fleet. We do not outsource transportation to third party company, which enable us to provides a accurate, timely and safe document transportation service. Our transportation specialists are polite, efficient and view your document as their own.

  • Pick up service

  • Delivery service

  • We use SAP system to manage our warehouse. All document will be label with a unique barcode. Whenever transferring document box internally or externally, we will use handheld barcode scanner to make record.

  • Hongkong Storage's transportation time is Monday to Saturday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. After making appointment, we will deliver storage box to you in two to three day. If you need faster delivery, please contact our customer service for arrangement.


    Process of document shredding

    1. Arrange document pick up date

    2. During pick up, we will apply seal and confirm quantity of document

    3. We will take pictures to record the process

    4. After the job is done, a certificate will be issue to confirm.

    After the government required minimum storage period, most documents become useless. We suggest you to use our document shredding service.

    For disposal or shredding , Hongkong Storage will outsource the service to a third party company. After customer ordered service, we will deliver customer's document to disposal center. The whole process will be monitor by Hongkong Storage's staff to ensure your document is destroyed properly.

    Document Storage Advantage

    1) Resolve administrative department files stored troubles, to provide warehousing space, file delivery, file records, document destruction

    2) Professional file system management programs to reduce the workload of the executive branch, optimization of human resources

    3) Use office space well, no extra manpower warehouse material management, warehouse environments, lease

    4) According to the number of files charges, there is no empty space, no wasted space for additional reserve resources

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