Document shredding and disposal

After the government required minimum storage period, most documents become useless. You need to dispose them to create more space. When you have a large amount of documents, dumping them in a garbage station is not an option.

If the documents do not have important or personal information on it, we can transport them to a document processing center for recycling.
If there are important or personal data on the documents, you cannot simply dispose them since other people might gain access to those data. Document shredding will cut paper into pieces that cannot be reassembled. Document shredding service can guarantee your data is safe from harm.
Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data has a law that prohibits companies from leaking personal information. That is why document shredding is important. After we pick up those documents, we will deliver them to document processing center to make sure the documents destroy properly.

Document disposal or shredding process

1. Contact us for free quotation.
2. Arrange to collect documents and confirm date for shredding/disposal.
3. We will confirm the number of boxes and ensure the boxes are properly sealed upon collection.
4. The whole disposal process, from unpacking to shredding, will be photographed.
5. A certificate will be issued once the shredding and disposal process is completed.

Suggested types of documents to be disposed

Customer records, financial information, financial reports, taxation information, accounting documents, sales invoices, credit card statements, employee records, medical records, product design layouts, legal documents.
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