Storage Environment
Hongkong Storage manage storage facilities of over 2 million cuft. , covering all major areas in Hong Kong. In order to maintain the best storage environment, we employ the follow equipment
Temperature and humidity control
We use automatic systems to control the temperature and humidity inside the warehouse in order to maintain the best records storage climate.
Air purification
We use different equipment to purify the air inside the warehouse. Air purifier can filter dust, kill germ and deodorize.

Alarm system
G4S security systems are installed in our facilities. All doors inside the warehouse are equipped with sensors. The alarm system is connected to a 24 hours security center.
Document storage facilities are under 24 hour video surveillance. We have video record of movement in the warehouse.
Access control
Anyone can enter a self-storage facility. However, HongKong Storage's warehouse is not open to public, which made it much more secure.
Fire Control
Document storage facilities are equipped with smoke detectors and sprinkler system. The fire alarm system is connected to a 24 hours security center. HongKong Storage prohibits smoking inside our warehouses.
Pest Control
We perform pest prevention regularly inside to warehouses to make sure that client's documents are safe. We do not store other kind of item in a document storage facilities.
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