Hongkong Storage provides an accurate, timely and safe document transportation service. Our transportation specialists are polite, efficient and treat your documents as their own. We will
•deliver new document boxes and storage supplies
•pick up document boxes from your office or specified location
•delivery document boxes to your office or specified location
We will pick up/deliver document box to specified location on time
We use SAP system to manage our warehouses. All documents will be label with a unique bar-code. Whenever transferring document box internally or externally, we will use handheld bar-code scanner to make records.
When document box leaves warehouse and on route to delivery, we will scan the box's bar-code to double check in order to increase accuracy
Hongkong Storage's transportation time is Monday to Saturday 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M., After making an appointment, we will deliver storage box to you in two to three days. If you need faster delivery, please contact our customer service for arrangement.  
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