Mr Alex Chung Is Invited as Guest Speaker in “Inspiration: Hong Kong” Organised by Self Storage Association Asia



Mr Alex Chung, the Managing Director of Hongkong Storage has been invited as a guest speaker in the seminar “Inspiration: Hong Kong” organised by Self Storage Association Asia (SSAA) on 27 November 18.   During the seminar, the leading professionals in the industry shared their knowledge and experiences with 90 operators and investors who are interested in understanding the industry development of self storage.  While sharing the challenges and advantages of operating self storage business in Hong Kong, Alex said, “the interested parties should consider it as a long-term investment with stable return.  The business provides a better return when compared with the traditional way of buying industrial properties simply to lease out.  However, to embrace the opportunities, the operators should have the courage and be determined to tackle all the challenges.  When you consider investing in this industry, it would be more efficient if you can work with a professional partner.”


As a founding member of the Self Storage Association Asia, Hongkong Storage commits the resources in supporting the Association’s activities to help grow and develop the self storage business in Asia.  The next annual event of SSAA will be the Self Storage Association Asia 2019 scheduled on 15-17 May 2019 in Shanghai.  If you are interested in meeting the professionals from the self storage industry, don’t miss the chance, please feel free to visit for more information.