Why does Your Company need Document Storage?

According to Cap.112 Inland Revenue Ordinance ─ Section 51C, every company in Hong Kong shall keep sufficient records in the English or Chinese language of his income and expenditure and shall retain such records for a period of not less than 7 years after the completion of the transactions, acts or operations to which they relate. Those records shall be ascertained by the Inland Revenue Department. Many companies (whatever business scale you are) still have to file and store documents in their offices. As a result, a huge space of your office is doubtlessly taken up.

Corporate Document Storage Service

According to Knight Frank’s Global Cities 2017 Report, Hong Kong retains the title of the most expensive place in the world to rent office space in a tower building. Owing to the legal requirements on record management, despite the expensive office rental, corporations need to spare manpower and in particular expensive space for document storage and that unavoidably pushes up the operation costs.

In view of this issue, Hongkong Storage offers “Corporate Document Storage” services for commercial clients. Riding on our competitive edges, we partner with major commercial document solution providers and offer one-stop document storage services, which include transportation, storage, document imaging, shredding and disposal. As such, we could help our clients reduce operation costs and at the same time enhance efficiency.

Differences between one-stop and document storage

Some companies may find a document storage / self storage unit to stack up their paper records apart from using their office space. Hongkong Storage offers you a solution which gives you one-stop document storage services, more than just a self storage unit. We can promptly provide our services such as document storage, transportation, shredding and disposal with just one call, one fax or an online booking.

Our Service

Established in 1997, Hongkong Storage has been giving more than a thousand commercial clients various solutions of document storage services Hongkong Storage. With powerful and professional logistics team, Hongkong Storage provides our customers a swift and reliable transportation service. Our trustworthy document storage services are based on our perfect integration of the professional G4S security system and the SAP warehouse management.


▪    Contact our professional Storage Consultant at 3602 7722 or fill in an enquiry form in our website.

▪    A quotation will be provided based on the volume of the documents.

▪    A contract is agreed and signed by the client and Hongkong Storage.

▪    New document boxes will be sent to the client’s office by Hongkong Storage.

▪    After the packed boxes are collected from client’s office, Hongkong Storage will store the boxes in our facilities.

▪    You can arrange deliveries either by phone or fax for document retrieval. Hongkong Storage will deliver them to your designated location.

▪    Document shredding and disposal services are available upon request at extra fee.

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